The Grounds

Enjoy the beautiful 57 acres anytime of year! 

Fall brings opportunities for apple picking, cider making, harvest celebrations, and viewing the beautiful fall foliage.

During winter, guests enjoy sledding, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and warm evenings by the fire with friends, family, and that special someone with whom you want to connect.

  • Winter Magic
    Winter is a beautiful time to visit Old Mill Woods!
  • A Warm Welcome
    Come inside out of the cold and sit by the fire.
  • Winter Beauty and Fun
    There are many places to sled, ski and be in awe of frozen nature all over the estate.
  • Snow Gardens
    Covered in white and icicles, the gardens take on a new mystical look.
  • Snowy porch
    The big porch makes an excellent spot to view the winter landscape and get some of that crisp country air while holding your hot chocolate.
  • Winter Pond
    This small pond makes a great little ice skating rink in winter!
  • View up the driveway











Spring is a special time with new growth, wildflowers, and wildlife seen everywhere along the nature trails and surrounding hills.

  • Tractor Rides are available to see more of the property
  • Spring gardens explode in color
  • Enjoy the included breakfast on the wide veranda
  • Apple trees blossom in spring
  • Explore the water life, maybe see a great blue heron!
  • The stream is a great place for wading and catching crayfish