The House

The house consists of 5 guest rooms aside from the innkeepers’ quarters, a large hall for events with stage and dance floor, 2 kitchens, several cozy sitting areas, 2 stoves to cuddle up to the fire, 2 large decks and 3 beautiful balconies to watch the world go by. Throughout the house, you will find several different antique collections that add to the house’s charm. The library is extensive and you’ll find many reading nooks to snuggle up with a book for some quiet “you-time.”

  • The grand porch provides a scenic view of the woods and stream.
  • The bar is a great place for laughing with old friends.
  • The main dinning table seats up to 20 people!












During the holidays, the house gets dressed up for the occassion in all the trimmings of the season! Consider joining us for a winter getaway!